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Lineout Throwing - Course


Specialist Lineout Throwing course for Coaches of players who are are seeking to become more proficient in their lineout throwing. Whether your player(s) are experienced, have some experience or are in the professional ranks, this course will help you improve their throwing skill. Designed for maximum accessibility. Modules which can be taken at your pace and in the comfort of your own home. Integrated course designed to challenge participants to integrate learnings into their practice. Modules will challenge participants in a variety of ways. This will help you to become a competent throwing coach and help master your team's lineout. Course includes: 1) Technical components of the throw 2) Skills acquisition theory and practices 3) Challenges of above and what to look for as a coach 4) Exercises to incorporate into your practice 5) Homework! well...kind of....challenges to try and exercises to incorporate 6) Case Studies 7) Discount on Online sessions / Workshops should you wish to book in after course completion. Contact me for more information. What else do you get? All content used Opportunity for follow-up discussion & questions There will also be other aspects we will cover. So I ask you one question. By doing this course what impact could this have on your coaching career? For more information, contact Peter on

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